today is my Friday and I am honestly very surprised I made it through another week without dying or going completely and absolutely insane

do you ever find yourself sitting alone on a Wednesday night thinking to yourself “I wonder why I haven’t cosplayed as chell from portal yet”




I really really love Bailey Jay


Check this out.

(via widdlebitkins)

he’s soooooooooooo fat and cute


give it to me straight doc, am I a gay-ass nerd?

stay tuned for my rise to the top

I can’t believe someone is gonna get one of my drawings tattooed on them for real like forever

tonight I have 2 papers due and 2 lectures to listen to and take notes on plus discussion q&a and a final project for my lit class and it’s all due in about 6 days so naturally I blew it all off, got high and ate dumplings

I like nail art as much as the next guy but those geode nails are ……..too much. where does one draw the line