True Life: I Named My Son Scrappy Doo

notviolet I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to put on my boots this morning and kitty’s brush was in one of them…………………….

"Werewolf", by CocoRosie
I’m a shake you off though
Get up on that horse and
Ride into the sunset
Look back with no remorse

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I got my flu shot today which means it’s probably going to give me the flu

I wonder if there is a person out there who likes and dislikes all of the same foods as me

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I have said this before and I will say it again; being an adult means nobody gives a shit if you feel bad or are sad

I’m too dead inside to maintain an internet presence

here’s an update: I’m a manic freak with no money or friends

adultmom said: how is the clarisonic working

I’m so glad that you asked. I just realized that I haven’t talked about it yet. it’s amazing, I love it soooo much. the clay mask works wonderfully and I can really definitely see a difference in the size of my pores. I think I need to get a softer brush head soon because the one I have now irritates my skin if I try to use it every day. right now I’ve been using it every other day and with the mask about once a week. I love u :-)

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im so sad and like. okay I am lying on the bed and I accidentally touched kitty with my foot when he was sleeping and it scared him and woke him up and he tried to attack my foot for a second and ran away and now I’m depressed b/cuz kitty was my only friend and now he’s gone

I miss my friend