i have been binge watching Gilmore girls for the last couple weeks and I’m on season 6 and it’s almost over and i can’t handle it

I’m sleepy guy

my nephew is soooooooooo cute

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I love emily reed!!!! like duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really miss myspace bulletins and when ppl would post surveys that were 1,000,000 questions long and each answer was like “ummm idk lol”

kassandra. 24. hardcore nature fanatic. lover of all things square. professional fanfic writer. allergic to bees and mangoes and my doctor doesn’t know why. has had a sex dream about davey havoc but my therapist said it was probably just a fluke. down wit dat “booty booty”.


I love to slap a man on the thigh and yell “HAM”

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I have this one professor who whenever I email her she writes back like 4 days later with “omg I’m soooo sorry I didn’t see your email until just now.” it’s happened literally every single time I have emailed her, I am collecting her responses timestamped in a word document and when it comes time to turn in the final I am just going to send her that

I always think taking a nap after work is a good idea and it almost always never is

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check out my new phone case

check out my new phone case

*starts bobbing my head back and forth*

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I’m depressed and fragile and I need one million hugs and also 1

boys in denim jackets and dem spooky eyes™