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my boyfriend is the best. because today I left my bodywash at his moms place and he drove all the way back over there to get it for me. also he fell asleep watching a video or listening to a podcast or something in bed and he woke up to pee around 2 and came out to the living room just to give me a sweet and long kiss goodnight before he went back to bed 😍 I love my best friend

the best Russian candies listed in order


Russians will try to trick u into thinking zefirs are good and don’t believe them

not true !!! zephyrs are soooooo good


I’m 100% sure the Good Lord sent me to Kassie so I could meet Pete and make “Pete u fucker” the catchphrase of the century 

like I’m so fucking sick of my Abuser occupying any more of my thoughts or worries or troubles, I will just be carrying on with my life and he creeps back into my mind and I shut completely down and that it just so fucking unfair, I want to rid my mind of him completely I have no other regrets in life aside from what happened, immediately I remember and my stomach sours and I just shut down. I feel the fear and disgust creep back in, even though it happened over 12 years ago I still can’t ever forget and it makes me feel so fucking angry and sad and mad and helpless even though I am an adult now, a full grown 24 year old woman. I wish I could erase him from the face of the earth but he continues to live his life somewhere unscathed while I just completely shut down at random times throughout my day and throughout my life. and it is just so unfair. he stole my innocence and that’s something that one can’t easily

beersforfears:genderterrorist:FUCKHERE I GO AGAINthis first time I saw this I thought it was a candid pic of my bf lmaoooo and that was the day that I realized that I am dating my very own Shia





this first time I saw this I thought it was a candid pic of my bf lmaoooo and that was the day that I realized that I am dating my very own Shia

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the sash-ringing……. the trash-singing……. mash-flinging…….. the flash-springing…… ringing….. the cr-crash-dinging….. daa…..

are guys allowed to put “has a weird tiny penis” on their resumes

I have a secret art blog if anyone wants to follow it babyberryqueen shhhhhhhh 🍓



izzy and I are in love and the original otp

(70 plays)

I miss izzy so much *somewhere a tiny gay violin is playing*

I’m working on some cool
things that I’ll be listing in my shop so keep an eye out 👀👀👀👀

my still life

my still life

friendlyworld3 replied to your post: “I just started season 5 of pll -fuck Lucas -I hate Melissa -Ezra is…”:

omfg youre already on season 5???? yeah fuck ezra

I am already on season 5 because I literally have no life