I had my hearing. it was whatever. my former boss, he lied a lot and tried to spin me in a negative way and make me look like a trouble maker or whatever. after I gave my testimony and it was his turn to talk, before he said anything else he immediately took a stab and me and said that I went on a pointless hour long diatribe to try to paint him as a bad person and it was all not true. lmaoooooo k, *insert that DICKSQUAD gif of flocka saying “okay”*

and LIKE, the whole time I’m thinking um I don’t have to do that…..you already make yourself look bad enough without my help. I’m just relieved it’s over !

time is ticking. ugh I’m getting nervous. even if this hearing goes badly I do truly believe that they will get what is coming to them in one way or another, people who throw that much negativity and trash and evil out into the cosmic universe cannot go unpunished or unchallenged, I truly believe that they will feel the sweet taste of retribution and hopefully the fiery pits of hell some day. I have to believe that it will happen. all of these fraud reports I am filing with Medicaid and other big insurance companies will help with that too lmao

I have a phone hearing in two hours with the department of labor and my former boss and it’s going to be a fucking bloodbath, I just know it. I’m not going to hold back at all. that coworker of mine, the HR lady, who got fired the same time I did had hers last week and I got to read the report. our boss was just blatantly making shit up and pulling lie after lie out of his ass and it is so infuriating. i sincerely hope he tries some shit because I am going to he ready to catch him in every lie and hold him accountable for all of the shit that he has put myself and all of the great people before me through. don’t FUCK with me you disgusting old prick


i was thinking earlier…perhaps men should stop trying to be funny and killing ppl….

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I keep looking at the little shaved patch kitty has from his IV and it’s soooo funny looking and cute like a lil bald spot. I saw him cleaning that part of his arm earlier and I think he noticed the difference in the texture of that bald part compared to the rest of his fur and he looked shocked and confused omfg

small touch

why does growing bangs out suck so bad

why does growing bangs out suck so bad

a few semesters ago I took macroeconomics because I thought I needed it for my degree but now I’ve switched to computer science and I didn’t even fucking need it and it really pisses me off because
1. it was sooooo hard. like. I just did NOT “get” it
2. it almost fucked up my GPA. like I should have gotten a B points wise but my professor liked me and I always did extra credit and tried really hard so he bumped me up to an A

it wasn’t an entire waste though I guess because my professor was sooo cool. he was super old and still super into teaching and would tell us every period about different articles he saw in the Wall Street journal that morning and he also talked a lot about his family and the Great Depression omfg. he also brought us treats a lot and always wore cool shoes. it was totally worth the like, 500 bucks in tuition I had to pay for it. I’m not bitter

I’m so proud of myself it took me like 6 hours to finish my math homework but I finally got it done. well the first part. it was only 13 questions.

hope this lady in HR at my new job doesn’t notice that I replied to her email at 2 in the morning lmao

one million human rights and civil liberties violations and it’s still…like…fucking going on. it makes me sick. it’s fucking inanity. I can’t listen to the news or watch anything because it’s soooo swayed and completely false and it just infuriates me. Blatant disregard for lives and the rights of humans. today I went to get food and listened to the news on the radio for like 5 sec because the first thing I heard was a reporter saying that the independent Michael Brown autopsy didn’t mean that he never robbed the store…like okay……..

god like when the fuck is Obama gonna get off his ass and doing something and not just talk about it


Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 

this is absolute bullshit

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what if izzy comes back and he’s The Thing

then I will love him even more